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The unique Contact Center 060608, marketed by Roma Capitale in partnership with Zètema Progetto Cultura, is a culture-entertainment-tourism information, booking, and sales service. The 060608 Contact Center, the first integrated system of services in Italy capable of managing information and the sale of cultural and entertainment offerings as well as services related to the city’s tourist reception, ensures that residents and visitors have the best accessibility to the full range of what Rome has to offer. The Contact Center utilizes both the website and the telephone call center 060608 (the cost of the call is the same as any local call).

The contact center offers comprehensive information in six languages on all of the cultural, entertainment, and recreational activities and news of interest to tourists in the capital, and it is open nonstop from 9:00 to 19:00 on a 365-day basis. Therefore, you can find any information—programming, location, tickets, ways to get there—on theaters, museums, cinemas, exhibition spaces, historical and archaeological sites, concert halls, entertainment venues, sporting events, etc.—as well as crucial tourist information like our city’s lodging options, transportation options, nightlife options, and restaurants—by dialing a single number. In addition, 060608 serves as the phone center for all reservations and information regarding educational programs and events held throughout the network of the Civic Museums of Rome.

The 060608 number can also be used to make reservations and request information for any educational activities or events taking place in the network of Rome’s civic museums, as well as to buy tickets for “Viaggio nei Fori” performances at the Forums of Augustus and Caesar, as well as for other Capitoline Administration-sponsored cultural activities and events. Additionally, with the invaluable assistance of Atac Spa, by indicating the selected event and the point of departure, it is possible to receive guidance on the best route to get to the desired location via private or public transportation.

The same comprehensive information about tourist services, as well as locations and events of culture, entertainment, and entertainment in Rome, can be found on the website All of the locations and activities on the website are georeferenced and may be found using an interactive map. Visitors to the website can use Atac Spa’s “route calculation” tool to find the best path to a location or an event from any location within the city.

Today, it is also possible to buy tickets directly using a credit card for the majority of the theatres, museums, and exhibition halls in the capital, as well as for some entertainment venues like the Auditorium Parco della Musica, the House of Jazz, and the Conciliazione Auditorium, by contacting 060608, by phone, or online.

Regarding the customary pre-sale privileges and any additional commissions for using one’s credit card, using the 060608 services to buy tickets does not incur additional fees for the user. Shortly before the start of the performance or event, the buyer will be able to pick up the tickets in person by presenting the booking code he received at the time of the transaction, or, in some cases, he may receive the ticket with a barcode to his email address.

Call 060608 or go to the website for all the details on culture-entertainment tourism in Rome and to purchase your tickets.

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